By Ellwood Volunteer Fire Department
December 7, 2023

Congratulations to all the officers who will be representing The Ellwood Fire Department in 2024!

Fire Line:
Chief (9): Zachary McFadden
1st Asst. Chief (9-1): Ryan McDonald
2nd Asst. Chief (9-2): Matthew McDonald
Captain (9-3): Matthew Esposito
Captain (9-4): Michael Olsen

Fire Company:
President: Vincent Christiano III
Vice President: Jamie Olson
Sgt. at Arms: Patrick Murphy
Secretary: Bob Carncross
Treasurer: Jamie Olson
Chaplin: Gary Stuff
Benevolent Trustee: Jon Indridson
Trustee: Doug Swick

A heartfelt expression of gratitude to the dedicated officers who steered us through the challenges of 2023! A special acknowledgment goes to our esteemed Chief Brian Nigro, whose years of service have left an indelible mark on our organization, and to our outgoing President John Bresnock, whose leadership has been invaluable. As we bid farewell to these exceptional individuals, we eagerly anticipate the appointment of new Lieutenants who will further enrich our team in the coming days. Your contributions have greatly enhanced our journey, and for that, we extend a resounding Thank You!